Event & Exhibition Logistics

Exhibitions, Events, and Fairs

Be sure that your exhibitions, events, and fairs run smoothly from the beginning with CK Shipping (S) Pte Ltd. Supporting you with a team of competent, experienced, and efficient logistics experts to facilitate the transportation of heavy and costly equipment.

Logistics for Exhibitions, Events, and Fairs

Logistics fpr exhibitions, events, and fairs encompasses the delivery of displays, roll-ups, audio-visual materials and IT equipment, lighting, samples, prototypes, models and more.

The success of an event is always supported by a fail-safe logistics. That is why CK Shipping (S) Pte Ltd has developed a strong and specific know-how to ensure the logistical organization of fairs and international events run smoothly.

Scope of Service

  • Trade fair transportation and exhibitions on a global-scale
  • Stand supply and combined package of stand set-up, exhibits and advertising materials displays
  • Temporary storage of manufacturing and advertising material
  • Takes care of customs clearance and documentation, empties: collection, storage and delivery, transport and exhibition insurance

Why Us?

  • Tailor-made delivery and logistics services according to your event
  • Highly-experienced, multi-lingual, technically and commercially strong specialist assigned to you
  • We provide the necessary equipment from our very own inventory i.e. forklifts, cranes, trucks AVs, etc.
  • Smooth processing at customs
  • Insurance-covered